Chances for Snow increase over the next week

Milford NH, A system will bring a chance of rain and snow over the next couple days a good amount in Northenr New Hampshire with the system tonight, before a better chance of snow in Southern New Hampshire will be with us as we start December.

Of course, The amount of snowfall will depend on elevation, but we’re looking at a good 2-5 inches for Northern Parts of Coos County, and as much as 2 inches possible in Keene, or Jaffery.

Current Temperatures this Thanksgiving Morning Are in the low to mid 30’s for Cheshire Counnty, while Hillsborough and Rockingham counties are in the mid to upper 40’s Partyly Cloudy Skies will be the forecast for today with temeperatures in the upper 40’s for most.

More Detailed Forecasts will be posted as we get closer to the system next week.

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