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Level 3 out of 5 risk of Strong to Severe Thunderstorms

MILFORD NH, The Storm Prediction Center has placed southern portions of NH including Milford in an enhanced risk or level 3 out of 5 of seeing a strong to severe thunderstorm Wednesday afternoon. Threats for tomorrows severe thunderstorms include, Damaging Winds, (30%) Large Hail (5%) and a weak tornado.

Winds in some severe thunderstorms, have a 30% chance of being 58 MPH or greater in the Enchanced outlook area.

Threat charts are posted below:

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Damaging Wind Threat
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Large Hail threat, North of our location

Future Radar is showing some very strong thunderstorms in Southern and Central portions of New Hampshire, as the slight and enhanced risks are outlined. HEAVY rainfall, frequent lighting, Damaging winds, and Small hail are possible, and for areas north of our location, could even see a chacne of a week tornado.

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We are expecting the Storm Prediction center to issue a Severe Thunderstorm watch for NH tomorrow morning/afternoon, and there also is a small chance that they may issue a Tornado Watch as conditions are favorable to microbursts and possible weak tornados in New Hampshire, with the outlined risk in Level 2 out of 5.

We dont always see these high levels of Severe Weather Here in New England so it is important for tomorrow to keep an eye on the latest forecast, weather alerts are turned on, and you have a way to stay safe and get indoors when thunderstorms are approaching

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