Monday, June 21st, 2021

Dangerous Heat Expected for next week

Milford NH – A Dangerous heat wave is likely to start later this weekend. Forecasted high temperatures are likely to be in the mid 90’s with feels like temperatures possibly exceeding 100° on Monday and Tuesday Next Week.

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Forecast High Temperatures Monday

Showers and Thunderstorms will also be possible for the next several day’s, as shown in the SPC Forecast below.

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This afternoon’s severe weather forecast
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Friday’s Severe Weather SPC Outlook

NOAA Temeprature outlooks have temperatures 80-90% above average over the next 6-10 Days.

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Remember to drink plenty of water and stay indoors as much as possible early next week as heat stroke or dehydration are possible with these high temepratures.

More information to come over the weekend.

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